Many of us wouldn’t step on to a boat for the first time with the view to sailing around the world. But Bega Valley resident Jackie Parry did just that. And what followed was a whirlwind of adventure, culminating in her landing in Brogo ready to share her experience and knowledge.

“Back then I didn’t know the front end from the back end of a boat! I ran away from the UK when I had just turned 27. At that time, the guy I was about to marry sadly died, and against my counsellor’s advice I flew to the other side of the world.”

Jackie then met and married Noel within five months. 

“We were both a bit disillusioned with life, and Noel suggested that we buy a boat and see where we end up. I thought that sounded like a good idea, so we did.”

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This article was originally published by the Bega District News

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