Cohort 1 2019


Appy Connections

“The BVIH was an opportunity to connect, learn and grow with other small businesses and to access mentorship from local, national and internationally experienced mentors.

As a resident of the Bega Valley for 21 years, the BVIH is the most exciting opportunity small business has ever seen – ongoing funding will provide real opportunities to expand and grow but will also provide hope in the survival of regional communities, allowing families to stay and to inspire future entrepreneurs.”

– Kristi Sproates, Appy Connections

Silver Service

“The BVIH has provided the ultimate opportunity for me to develop and launch my business idea”.

– Gemma Ansell, Silver Service

Eden Game Development Centre

“BVIH helped keep my business alive. It not only helped my business but improved my skills and capabilities as a person dramatically and enabled me to be more successful in all my future endeavours.”

“I think Bega Valley is far better off with the Innovation Hub with everything we have learnt so far to get to this point to make the BVIH what it is today, it’s so useful to so many people.”

– William Sharples, Eden Game Development Centre

Saarinen Organics

“We learnt how to legally build our business up step by step, how to employ staff, employ contractors, put sops into place, pinpoint our minimum viable product, how to advertise it and how to scale into machinery.”

“From humble beginnings, we now find ourselves with confidence and connections to succeed.”

– Kay & Gregg Saarinen, Saarinen Organics

Teen Clinic

“Bega Valley Innovation Hub has given us the time and space to look critically at our business. Access to high quality mentors has been invaluable, and has absolutely saved us time and money in the long run. It has changed the way we look at our business and allowed us to become more responsive to the market we are working within.”

– Meghan Campbell & Jodie Meers, Teen Clinic

SisterShip Training

“My friends and family noticed the difference in me after going through the program, they are not in business and they noticed that I talked and behaved differently. I felt (and feel) more confident, I know where I am going and how I am going to get there. I focus on what is important.“

“The on-going support is phenomenal, not only with the mentors/presenters but also with fellow cohorts, we all get to know each other and each others’ businesses, that advice and support has been incredible and so important.”

– Jackie Parry, SisterShip Training

Natural Chicken Health

“Perfect timing for me the Bega Valley Innovation Hub has turned my business around more than I could have imagined. Fast paced, fabulous information and a wonderful cohort.”

“I developed a strong business model, extended my online products and sales and was able to position my business to adapt to the challenges that this year has brought – ie fire affected and Covid 19. I could not have done this without ongoing connectedness to the BVIH.”

– Cheryl Nelson, Natural Chicken Health

Cohort 2 2019


Festival Director

“As a business owner you have to be a Jack of all Trades, and there are business skills an individual will have, but not all of them. Quality information is difficult to come by quickly without enrolling at university again. The Hub offered a structured, comprehensive approach that ensured small business owners upskill to a level that is critical to running a business well.”

“The expert advice I received helped me identify and test new potential markets, develop a better understanding of branding and marketing, and hold an audience with confidence in public speaking.”

– Karolina Russell, Festival Director

Ginger the Frog

“I also had no idea that the course I completed was going to be as incredible as it was! It was packed with highly skilled mentors who had already achieved successful businesses and were more than qualified to teach us from all over Australia.”

“A large percentage of start ups fail because they have a dream but no real idea of how to bring it to market. This course and the ongoing support have given me the confidence to see that my dream is going to come true and I’m taken seriously when talking with investors because I’ve been a part of the program.”

– Sarah Campbell Lambert, Ginger the Frog

Road to Home

“The ecosystem that had emerged as a result of my time in the BVIH meant that I had a support network, access to mentors and also connections to people that can help to create opportunities that I would previously not have had access to.”

– Leanne Atkinson, Road to Home

Freedom Health

“As I worked my way through the iAccelerate program, it was obvious that we were working with cutting edge business training and development ideas. We were challenged, supported, and inspired.”

– Dinah Ficus, Freedom Health

Sea Health Products

“As a result of the program my business has an exciting, achievable vision to work towards and a strategy to get there.”

“The Bega Valley Innovation Hub has proven that they can deliver this world class program and we are beginning to see some incredible results. There is still so much potential for new business developments on the south coast and we need the support and connectivity of the Hub.”

– Jo Lane, Sea Health Products

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