This is an important time to pivot and adapt your business. The Phoenix Resolve Workshop Series has been designed by your Bega Valley Innovation Hub to assist entrepreneurs and leaders and support jobs through online training and digital co-working.

The Phoenix Resolve Workshop Series has been built from local resources to support local business – and to assist businesses to pivot and adapt after the bushfires and now COVID-19. 

Business is not ‘as usual’. This series will support start-ups with a regional focus, will assist entrepreneurs to build and scale their business, and will also assist businesses to address the immediate challenges that COVID-19 presents to the local workforce, customers, technology and business partners. The series will build resilience during shutdowns and lessen economic knock-on effects. 

Daniel Murphy, Economic Development Manager for Bega Valley Shire Council says:

“Businesses are doing it tough, so many parts of economic development efforts have taken a big hit and we know that no sector has been untouched. When your business is threatened, the path to sustainability needs to be easier to reach.” 

“Customers are changing their behaviours in the way they interact. In all categories, customers are now looking for the ability to purchase online – so it is important to revisit your current path to purchase for your customers.” 

“Due to social distancing, we are now seeing customers become more digitally savvy, and therefore they will have higher expectations as to how they interact with retailers and across all sectors”.


As regional companies navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there are a number of key issues that they should be thinking about, and there are steps they can take to not only react to severe business shocks now, but also reshape, plan for recovery and build resilience.

The Bega Innovation Hub has identified priorities for regional business leaders to consider – many based on perspectives and experiences from businesses that the hub has been supporting for the past two years. 

“Even these new businesses are pivoting, reviewing and replanning as they imagine their business beyond COVID-19, and navigate towards recovery in the new normal”, says Mia Maze, Manager of the Bega Valley Innovation Hub. “The Phoenix Resolve workshops will assist you to thrive as a business leader through these uncertain times.”

Use this resource to equip yourselves to address your digital processes and systems; website; e-commerce and social media strategy; create content for distracted audiences; and implement key financial tools for these challenging times – all which helps you build a stronger business, a stronger team and arms you to thrive again. 

“For two months after the bushfires, I was tired and my mind wouldn’t function. Our home was threatened, I nearly gave up on my business. So very nearly. Instead, I dropped into a session at the Bega Valley Innovation Hub. The support from BVIH has helped me put my skipper’s hat back on and climb aboard once again. But it’s not just business guidance, it’s the compassion, the friendship, and the strength, it’s what we all needed.”  – Jackie Parry, SisterShip Press

The Phoenix Resolve Workshop Series is running for 8 weeks from the end of April to end June, and can be accessed by any business that has a registered ABN. The modules can be booked singly, some as individual sessions, and some as a complete series of sessions, making them effective for business leaders.

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