Our Mentor Program

At the Bega Valley Innovation Hub we are part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network which means we are creating and building a successful innovative economy and creating jobs for the future of the Bega Valley. Part of our strategy for achieving a successful economy is through our mentor program which connects experienced professionals with our residents in order to help support and grow the local economy.

Become a Mentor

We are always on the lookout for dedicated mentors to connect with the Bega Valley Innovation Hub and join our mentor network to advise residents on the key areas of creating high-growth businesses. Mentors are available for one-on-one mentoring sessions in their specific area of expertise and may offer local connections to residents. If you have time to give back to the community and help foster a successful economy by becoming a mentor, please fill out our expression of interest form by clicking the button below. 

“Accessing this breadth of perspectives is a unique opportunity… it’s a rapid gain in knowledge instead of a drawn out process of self­guided research or hard lessons.”

Pia Winberg, Founder and CEO, PhycoHealth

Finding The Right Mentor

The startup world is fast-paced, complex and constantly evolving. Finding the right mentor – someone who has been where you are now, understands the journey you’re on and has valuable learnings to share – can make all the difference.

A good mentor isn’t about having you emulate exactly what they’ve done; it’s about giving you the confidence and guidance to navigate the rookie pitfalls and shape your own fast-tracked path to success.

“If you have an innovative idea but don’t quite have the experience and capability to bring it to fruition, iAccelerate is the ideal place to turbo-charge that idea into reality.”

– Michael Rix, Founder, Education Through Animation

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