What is the Bega Valley Innovation Hub all about?

The Bega Valley Innovation Hub is more than just an accelerator, it offers a comprehensive and multi-faceted structured approach to empowering start ups, scale ups and entrepreneurs to rapid and sustainable growth through it’s connections with the iAccelerate Innovation Network, it’s mentors and the Educate Program.

How is the Bega Valley Innovation Hub different?

The Bega Valley Innovation Hub is part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network which is one-of-a-kind in the Australian start up marketplace. We are building a thriving community that is delivering on innovation, jobs and revenues. This is the place to build and scale your business or business idea without leaving home. 

How does the Bega Valley Innovation Hub work?

At The Bega Valley innovation Hub, we do things differently. We are part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network and together we’ve developed a unique formula that up skills and empowers you to turn your idea and business into a strong, sustainable business in record time. 

Pitch Program

The Bega Valley Innovation Hubs iAccelerate Pitch program arms startups with advanced skills in polishing and pitching their business idea to capture the hearts, minds and investment capital of potential partners. This structured approach provides an opportunity for local, national and international investors and wider business community to engage with the startups in the Bega Valley Innovation Hub.

Educate Program

Our tailored education program gives entrepreneurs the practical skills to build and grow a sustainable business or idea that links commercial success with a real and lasting societal contribution. We offer the iAccelerate Educate Program, a dedicated acceleration program that delivers impactful learning to all Bega Valley Innovation Hub participants. This is your chance to be part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network without leaving the Bega Valley. 

What are iAccelerate’s seed funds?

The $10 million iAccelerate Seed Fund offers resident startups early-stage funding to accelerate their development and connect with funding opportunities in the future.


Our team are passionate professionals who believe deeply in the potential of iAccelerate’s programs and residents to drive a revolution in innovation and technology, in our region and beyond.

Resident Companies

From startups to established businesses seeking growth and investment, the Bega Valley Innovation Hub residents are exciting and innovative businesses with much to contribute to our region.

Accelerate Program Economic Impact

The Accelerate Program run at Bega Valley Innovation Hub already has a proven track record of success in the Illawarra region, having been developed at the iAccelerate Centre at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus. iAccelerate has become Australia’s leading accelerator/incubator, and with good reason.

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