Who can apply to the Bega Valley Innovation Hub?

The Bega Valley Innovation Hub is part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network and is not your average business accelerator. We help with more than simply getting you off the ground – we set you up with the skills and know-how to build and grow your business exponentially into the future.

Anyone with a brilliant idea

Our programs are open to anyone with a brilliant idea they’re keen to pursue.

Our participants are startups, small to medium enterprises and large organisations looking to innovate. We’re also home to government bodies ready to do things differently and social enterprises with a higher purpose for humanity.

Bega Valley Innovation Hub has given us the time and space to look critically at our business. It has changed the way we look at our business and allowed us to become more responsive to the market we are working within.”

Meghan & Jodie, Teen Clinic

Where ideas flow, transform and gather momentum

Because the Bega Valley Innovation Hub is part of the iAccelerate Innovation Network we are part of a world-class, research intensive university, many of our existing participants and long residents are academics seeking to commercialise their research for the greater good.

We also leverage our close connection with teaching and learning to host students from UOW and across the globe, embedding future-focused skills in entrepreneurship and innovation in the next generation.

Diversity is what we’re all about

We believe that the sum of all these parts adds up to an energetic environment where ideas flow, transform and gather momentum.

Here, doors to valuable partnerships open every day.

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