The next wave of entrepreneurs has emerged from the Bega Valley Innovation Hub. Six unique ideas that span a range of needs and ambitions. The one common bond is that all are keen to grow the region’s economy and employment opportunities.

Last week’s Pitch Final was the culmination of the 12-week business accelerator program through the University of Wollongong’s (UoW) iAccelerate Innovation Network.

From its base in North Wollongong iAccelerate has created over 500 jobs and 60 companies; UoW has similar goals for regional areas as their network widens. The second cohort from the Bega Valley link in that program boasts job potential in health, education, manufacturing, construction, and aquaculture.

Around 100 people attended the Pitch Final at the Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre to hear what ideas have emerged from the Innovation Hub now.

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“If you have an innovative idea but don’t quite have the experience and capability to bring it to fruition, iAccelerate is the ideal place to turbo-charge that idea into reality.”
– Michael Rix, Founder, Education Through Animation

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