Bega Circular Valley Challenge

$35 000 prize pool

The Bega Valley Innovation Hub (BVIH) alongside Bega Cheese and Bega Valley Shire Council are pleased to announce the 2022 Bega Circular Valley Challenge to kick-off the Bega Circularity Coop in our region and cement our goal to become the most Circular Valley in Australia and the World!


BVIH is funded by the Federal Government Entrepreneurs Program and has had four regional cohorts undertake the iAccelerate start up education program in Bega since 2019.

BVIH has partnered with Bega Circular Valley, offering a significant prize-pool for SouthEast NSW regional Circular Business Ideas/Services to join the next regional Activate cohort to accelerate their business idea.

A circular economy is one in which a corporate, city or region keeps resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their life. All materials are kept in a ‘close loop’ right along the value chain all the way to consumption.

The Circularity Challenge

$35,000 has been committed through BVIH’s sponsors: the University of Wollongong, Bega Valley Shire Council and Bega Cheese towards a prize-pool for this program.

Successful applicants will join the 9 week iAccelerate Activate Program, a combination of online modules + live/zoom mentored session weekly from mid September 2022.
This program includes mentorship from experts across Australia, overseas and right here in the Bega Valley.

The Circularity Challenge will culminate in a Pitch-Final event in Bega on 24 November 2022.



Winning Circular business/idea:  $10,000

Best Water Innovation (TBC): $5,000

Best Circular Social Enterprise: $5,000

Circular businesses completing full program: $1,000+


We are now putting a call out to current businesses, entrepreneurs & social enterprises to apply to join this program! 

Full terms & conditions agreement will be provided to successful applicants by University of Wollongong by 7 September 2022, with program commencing 15 September 2022

For all enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at bvih.  


Our community is made up of the cleverest ideas in the Bega Valley.

At the Bega Valley Innovation Hub, we have created a community of innovators, changemakers and business owners that collaborate and support each other to scale for local, national and global capabilities.

We are leading a successful innovative economy and creating jobs for the future of the Bega Valley. 

Our ecosystem is diverse, our capabilities are strong and we help you build and grow your business from an idea to a sustainable business. 

We are in the Bega Valley thanks to the support from the Australian Government’s Incubator Support Initiative and a wonderful local partnership with the Bega Valley Shire Council, the University of Wollongong (UOW) and Bega Cheese.


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